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Our Services


Visual Inspections

Visual Inspections are a quick examination of your wood burning appliance and venting to ensure it is safe for use.


WETT Inspections

A Wood Energy Technology Transfer (WETT) inspection is a thorough inspection of your wood burning appliance and chimney by a certified technician. A certified technician is trained to identify local code compliance standards and proper installation methods. This is the only way to know for sure your wood burning appliance is safe for use. Required by insurance companies,


Sales & Installation

A wood-burning fireplace, stove, or insert can significantly improve the overall beauty and character of your indoor space. The experts at Good Fellas Stoves and Chimneys can assist you with the installation of a wood burning appliance. We’ll assist you in determining which option is ideal for your house and lifestyle, and then we’ll install it for you so you have exactly what you need.


Preventative Maintenance

Did you know that chimneys must be cleaned at least once a year, and pellet stoves must be professionally serviced at least once a year?

We provide after-sales support for the products we sell and even some we don’t!

Call us for your chimney sweep & wood/pellet stove cleaning today!


Stove & Fireplace Repair

Offering maintenance on most models 2015 – present.

Maintenance includes gasket replacement, firebrick replacement, baffle repair & ceramic glass replacement.


Masonry Repointing

Scraping out old, damaged mortar and rebuilding it with new is the process of repointing. Brick walls are known for their durability, but if you don’t treat mortar issues fast, your brick wall may break far sooner than it should. Don’t scrimp on this. To correct this, the mortar must be repointed.


Clay Liner Removal and Replacement

Gas leaks from cracked flue tiles might allow carbon monoxide to permeate into your home’s interior. Combustible creosote or soot might escape through the fractures and crevices in the flue liner and accumulate outside of it. If the creosote in your chimney catches fire, it can cause extensive damage to your property because the fire will no longer be contained within the flue. Break out that old flue tile and replace it with a new stainless steel liner.

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Consultation Services

Consultations are reserved for new installations or for trouble shooting an existing chimney system and wood burning appliance. Consultations are not inspections and cannot replace inspections.

Our consultation fee is $99.00 plus tax and the 99.00 fee is applied as a deposit to the final invoice if the quote is approved.

Please note: we do not troubleshoot pellet stoves at this time. We just perform the maintenance/cleaning.

We understand how difficult it may be to shop for home heating needs.

We are here to assist you!

These guys are down to earth professionals who do quick and outstanding work. they showed up on a Thursday and had my chimney pretty much rebuilt by Thursday afternoon. I’m a strong believer in “you get what you pay for” and I live by this and I definitely got more than what I paid for. If you need any sort of chimney work done I strongly recommend these locals.

Anders Berglund

These guys are great! Professional, respectful, and friendly. They made our beast look kinda pretty lol. Definitely calling again next year. Thanks guys!

Fabian O'Brien